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  • Fixes build break for plan9, nacl, solaris


    This new release introduces:

  • Enhance TextFormatter to not print caller information when they are empty (#944)

  • Remove dependency on (#932, #943)


  • Fix Entry.WithContext method to return a copy of the initial entry (#941)


This new release introduces:

  • Add DeferExitHandler, similar to RegisterExitHandler but prepending the handler to the list of handlers (semantically like defer) (#848).
  • Add CallerPrettyfier to JSONFormatter and `TextFormatter (#909, #911)
  • Add Entry.WithContext() and Entry.Context, to set a context on entries to be used e.g. in hooks (#919).


  • Fix wrong method calls Logger.Print and Logger.Warningln (#893).
  • Update Entry.Logf to not do string formatting unless the log level is enabled (#903)
  • Fix infinite recursion on unknown Level.String() (#907)
  • Fix race condition in getCaller (#916).


This new release introduces:

  • Log, Logf, Logln functions for Logger and Entry that take a Level


  • Building prometheus node_exporter on AIX (#840)
  • Race condition in TextFormatter (#468)
  • Travis CI import path (#868)
  • Remove coloured output on Windows (#862)
  • Pointer to func as field in JSONFormatter (#870)
  • Properly marshal Levels (#873)


This new release introduces:

  • A new method SetReportCaller in the Logger to enable the file, line and calling function from which the trace has been issued
  • A new trace level named Trace whose level is below Debug
  • A configurable exit function to be called upon a Fatal trace
  • The Level object now implements encoding.TextUnmarshaler interface


This is a bug fix release.

  • fix the build break on Solaris
  • don’t drop a whole trace in JSONFormatter when a field param is a function pointer which can not be serialized


This new release introduces:

  • several fixes:
    • a fix for a race condition on entry formatting
    • proper cleanup of previously used entries before putting them back in the pool
    • the extra new line at the end of message in text formatter has been removed
  • a new global public API to check if a level is activated: IsLevelEnabled
  • the following methods have been added to the Logger object
    • IsLevelEnabled
    • SetFormatter
    • SetOutput
    • ReplaceHooks
  • introduction of go module
  • an indent configuration for the json formatter
  • output colour support for windows
  • the field sort function is now configurable for text formatter
  • the CLICOLOR and CLICOLOR_FORCE environment variable support in text formater


This new release introduces:

  • a new api WithTime which allows to easily force the time of the log entry which is mostly useful for logger wrapper
  • a fix reverting the immutability of the entry given as parameter to the hooks a new configuration field of the json formatter in order to put all the fields in a nested dictionnary
  • a new SetOutput method in the Logger
  • a new configuration of the textformatter to configure the name of the default keys
  • a new configuration of the text formatter to disable the level truncation


  • Fix hooks race (#707)
  • Fix panic deadlock (#695)


  • Fix race when adding hooks (#612)
  • Fix terminal check in AppEngine (#635)


  • Replace example files with testable examples


  • bug: quote non-string values in text formatter (#583)
  • Make (*Logger) SetLevel a public method


  • bug: fix escaping in text formatter (#575)


  • Officially changed name to lower-case
  • bug: colors on Windows 10 (#541)
  • bug: fix race in accessing level (#512)


  • feature: add writer and writerlevel to entry (#372)


  • bug: fix undefined variable on solaris (#493)


  • formatter: configure quoting of empty values (#484)
  • formatter: configure quoting character (default is ") (#484)
  • bug: fix not importing io correctly in non-linux environments (#481)


  • bug: fix windows terminal detection (#476)


  • bug: fix tty detection with custom out (#471)


  • performance: Use bufferpool to allocate (#370)
  • terminal: terminal detection for app-engine (#343)
  • feature: exit handler (#375)


  • feature: Add a test hook (#180)
  • feature: ParseLevel is now case-insensitive (#326)
  • feature: FieldLogger interface that generalizes Logger and Entry (#308)
  • performance: avoid re-allocations on WithFields (#335)


  • logrus/text_formatter: don’t emit empty msg
  • logrus/hooks/airbrake: move out of main repository
  • logrus/hooks/sentry: move out of main repository
  • logrus/hooks/papertrail: move out of main repository
  • logrus/hooks/bugsnag: move out of main repository
  • logrus/core: run tests with -race
  • logrus/core: detect TTY based on stderr
  • logrus/core: support WithError on logger
  • logrus/core: Solaris support


  • logrus/core: fix possible race (#216)
  • logrus/doc: small typo fixes and doc improvements


  • hooks/raven: allow passing an initialized client


  • logrus/core: revert #208


  • formatter/text: fix data race (#218)


  • logrus/core: fix entry log level (#208)
  • logrus/core: improve performance of text formatter by 40%
  • logrus/core: expose LevelHooks type
  • logrus/core: add support for DragonflyBSD and NetBSD
  • formatter/text: print structs more verbosely


  • logrus: fix more Fatal family functions


  • logrus: fix not exiting on Fatalf and Fatalln


  • logrus: defaults to stderr instead of stdout
  • hooks/sentry: add special field for *http.Request
  • formatter/text: ignore Windows for colors


  • formatter/*: allow configuration of timestamp layout


  • formatter/text: Add configuration option for time format (#158)