122 Commits (af6ed964ef540511b4982e50cee85e6fc9715763)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lynn Cyrin af6ed964ef len => RuneCount 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 693469de8f dynamically space the level text 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin fa0d2a82ff
add implementation and tests 6 months ago
  David Bariod 744fc4caad fix build break for plan9 6 months ago
  Haoran Xu 6c615e1abe remove field if val is empty string for func and file field in text formatter 8 months ago
  David Bariod ffec2f2e0a Add a CallerPrettyfier callback to the text formatter 9 months ago
  Sergey Romanov 78fb3852d9 Remove unused variables in TextFormatter 10 months ago
  Ceriath d962013756 respect ForceColor and environment variables over OS check 1 year ago
  ceriath e9026580bf
Disable colored output on windows entirely 1 year ago
  Hǎi-Liàng "Hal" Wáng c7183bf629 fix missing parameter 1 year ago
  Hǎi-Liàng "Hal" Wáng 2cafb78db2 fix race condition caused by writing to entry.Data, using the same technique as JSONFormatter 1 year ago
  David Bariod d10c2f9e3c fix panic in text formatter 1 year ago
  David Bariod d2654b752f add file and line number in output when report caller is enabled 1 year ago
  David Bariod ec57031db1 store a runtime.Frame in Entry instead of the caller function name 1 year ago
  drampull 4981d8161c Added TRACE level logging. 2 years ago
  David Bariod 7b467df697 Skip func type value in fields. 1 year ago
  David Bariod 73bc94e60c Add custom sorting function in text formatter 1 year ago
  David Bariod eb968b6506 Fix for CLICOLOR_FORCE handling 1 year ago
  Alessio Caiazza 37d651c1f2 Add CLICOLOR support 1 year ago
  Neil Isaac 5d60369ef3 Fixed prefixFieldClashes for TextFormatter and added coverage 1 year ago
  Felix Kollmann 2f58bc83cb Unified terminal initialization code handling 1 year ago
  Felix Kollmann 9bc59a5969 Fixed initTerminal() was run for non-terminals 1 year ago
  Felix Kollmann bb487e068c Added support for text coloring on Windows 10 1 year ago
  Lyra Naeseth efab7f37b7 Have prefixFieldClashes respect the JSON FieldMap 1 year ago
  Dennis de Reus 92aece568b TextFormatter behaviour aligned with stdlib log (fixes #167) 1 year ago
  Neil Isaac b9eceae8f6
fix example 2 years ago
  Neil Isaac bf1fb70b2b Add FieldMap support to TestFormatter 2 years ago
  Ernesto Alejo 7d3ddc68a3 Split terminal check to add build tags to support App Engine. 2 years ago
  dmathieu e66f22976f remove os-specific IsTerminal methods, and use x/crypto/ssh/terminal instead 2 years ago
  dmathieu 325575f181 fix golint issues in formatters 2 years ago
  dmathieu 211aba39c8 use buffer length to avoid generating strings every time 2 years ago
  dmathieu 159e991025 only add a space between text entries if there is already content 2 years ago
  dmathieu 2727ac94b0 remove QuoteCharacter option 2 years ago
  Paul Seiffert b019ab48c5
Error is not a special case anymore 2 years ago
  Paul Seiffert 4c4851c96a
Reduce duplicate code 2 years ago
  Paul Seiffert b9cfd82645
Quote non-string values if necessary 2 years ago
  Paul Seiffert 0025402362
Extract quoting into separate method 2 years ago
  Paul Seiffert 0383f49850
Use custom quote char and escape it 2 years ago
  kpcyrd f78f8d07f6
Safely format data when printing 2 years ago
  Dan Buch 5d67428857
Allow more chars in unquoted text formatter output 2 years ago
  Ben Brooks e98cd92ccf
Address PR comments 2 years ago
  Ben Brooks b545aee819
Add TextFormatter config for custom quote runes 2 years ago
  Ben Brooks cfca98e6d9
Add 'QuoteEmptyFields' option to TextFormatter 2 years ago
  Simon Eskildsen 11fbf0fa42 text_formatter: fix race 2 years ago
  Simon Eskildsen 1726e1744a text_formatter: detect tty based on fd 2 years ago
  Dave Clendenan bc6d984670 add caller logic to DisableTimestamp case 2 years ago
  Ben Gadbois f761cee910 Small var declaration cleanup 2 years ago
  at15 5ed3e7dc93
Remove miniTS in TextFormatter 2 years ago
  Dave Clendenan 88dd8df1f8 responses to code review 3 years ago
  Dave Clendenan 65f3af38f7 simplify hasCaller check 3 years ago