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  Georgi Dimitrov 4ea4861398 Add a DeferExitHandler function 1 year ago
  Albert Salim 4346c76f26 Remove unnecessary wrapper function on `os.Exit` 1 year ago
  Albert Salim 99bc300c8d Add a method Exit on Logger that calls `os.Exit` or alternate exit function. 1 year ago
  Albert Salim 2be620216a Add option to panic in `test.NewNullLogger` to allow testing of 1 year ago
  Aaron.L.Xu 169c157a10 fix dead url for alt_exit.go 3 years ago
  Aaron Greenlee a283a10442 Improved documentation of Fatal Handlers 3 years ago
  Aaron Greenlee ff52e76f67 Go fmt alt exit addition 3 years ago
  Aaron Greenlee a7755c5c03 Enhanced fatal calls so exit handlers can be invoked 3 years ago