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  David Bariod 67a7fdcf74
Merge pull request #1054 from sirupsen/del_old_doc 1 month ago
  David Bariod 9746113fa8 remove obsolete documentation 1 month ago
  David Bariod f4ece9c82f
Merge pull request #1052 from sirupsen/activate_linter 1 month ago
  David Bariod 12176f2f72
Merge pull request #1053 from sirupsen/travis_rm_go111 1 month ago
  David Bariod 9df6f6aa0b add x rights on travis/lint.sh 1 month ago
  David Bariod 88d44306be remove go1.11.x from travis build matrix 1 month ago
  David Bariod b77b626665 run golangci-lint on travis 1 month ago
  Edward Muller d5d4df1108
Merge pull request #1040 from sirupsen/ffz/Travis 1 month ago
  Edward Muller b6a9e5632b
Merge pull request #1042 from sirupsen/ffz/ForceQuote 1 month ago
  Edward Muller 007cacdd34
Force Quote 1 month ago
  Edward Muller fb62dbe2f2
fix broken test 1 month ago
  Edward Muller 843e0aaa75
Merge pull request #1016 from freeformz/ffz/returnEarly 1 month ago
  Edward Muller d12cdc065f
deadcode 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 46015a925f
test the error to ensure there isn't an unexpected error in the test 2 months ago
  Edward Muller f9951ccddd
Associate this example with what it's an example for 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 68e6dbbcb7
Exclude go1.13.x from modules off, only build all on go1.13 modules on 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 08cf62cb80
This should make gox a little nicer 2 months ago
  Edward Muller ad9f41a0cd
pull all the install into a single location 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 75440f2ebe
get some other deps 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 8ec9a493ec
Enable all of these to see what fails 2 months ago
  Edward Muller d30efdb30d
go mod verify; go mod tidy 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 7b6c0d11ad
Disable modules, run on osx 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 39a5ad1294
Merge pull request #991 from muesli/conversion-fixes 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 0bbebc5e2d
Merge pull request #1024 from flimzy/gopherjs 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 9e05426313
Merge pull request #990 from muesli/assign-fixes 2 months ago
  Edward Muller e33eea30de
Merge pull request #1017 from freeformz/ffz/docWriter 2 months ago
  Edward Muller e5e927cae6
Merge pull request #1032 from zput/ReadMeAddThirdFormatter 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 890ead5200
Merge pull request #1034 from flowonyx/patch-1 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 107a185f83
Merge pull request #1037 from psampaz/travis_go_113 2 months ago
  Pantelis Sampaziotis 0cb0485e38 add Go 1.13 in travis 2 months ago
  Joel Williams 6d035663cd
Fixed some typos in README.md 2 months ago
  zxc 3f89e2545f ReadMe.md file adds The Third Formatter link 2 months ago
  Jonathan Hall 305ec52856 Add terminal_check_js.go file, for compatibility with GopherJS 2 months ago
  Edward Muller 6cd8d684fd
some minimal documentation for Logger.Writer{,Level} 3 months ago
  Edward Muller 60320cbc2c
return early 3 months ago
  Simon Eskildsen de736cf91b readme: we have great maintainers now 4 months ago
  Christian Muehlhaeuser 0c8c93fe4d
Avoid unnecessary conversion 4 months ago
  Christian Muehlhaeuser d4257626ad
Fixed ineffectual assignment in test 4 months ago
  David Bariod 07a84ee741
Merge pull request #977 from lynncyrin/pad-option 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 539b8af839
its => it's 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin af6ed964ef len => RuneCount 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin dcce32597d avoid escapes! h/t @therealplato 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 8ba442aca6 init the loggers in tests 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 693469de8f dynamically space the level text 5 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin b5cc19ce3e
bump ci 6 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin bef31a5df9
wording shift 6 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 691f1b6074
add a space back 6 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 2d641d1668
update the readme 6 months ago
  Lynn Cyrin 58f7e00129
update comments 6 months ago
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add implementation and tests 6 months ago